The topic "Leadership in an MTSS Framework" was originally developed and presented as a full-day session offered to district and school teams in various locations across the state. This page is meant to provide access to the resources provided at the session, along with guiding questions, to strengthen the Leadership Component of MTSS implementation.

Leadership is key to successful implementation of any large-scale innovation. The MTSS District Leadership Team plans for strategic implementation from a system-wide level. This includes, but is not limited to, analyzing data to remove barriers for installation across the district. At the school level, principals, assistant principals, and school leadership teams are critical to implementing MTSS school-wide. They engage staff in ongoing professional development for implementing MTSS, plan strategically for MTSS implementation, and model a problem-solving process for school improvement. The school principal also supports the implementation of MTSS by communicating a vision and mission to school staff, providing resources for planning and implementing instruction and intervention, and ensuring that staff have the data needed for data-based problem-solving.

District and school leaders will best benefit from the resources and supports listed and provided below when they are...
  • used with common language and understanding of MTSS,
  • intentionally accessed and discussed by a leadership team, and
  • used in conjunction with an implementation plan that considers all six critical components of MTSS.

Questions to Consider

MTSS Critical Components
  • How does this language resonate with other work in your district?
  • Which critical component do you perceive as a strength of your school or district?
  • Which critical component might be an area of potential growth for your school or district?

District and School Leadership Team Descriptions
  • Who makes up the District Leadership Team in your school system?
  • What is the role of this team?
  • How can you more effectively contribute to the function of this team?
  • What other teams exist in your district, and how do they communicate to ensure efficient structures?
  • Are there additional team members who need to be added? If so, what is the plan to bring these additional team members on?

Working Smarter: Aligning Team Structures
  • Is there an overlap of work in current teams at your school?
  • Is there an opportunity to combine teams for more efficient and effective outcomes?

Resource Mapping to Effectively Implement an MTSS
  • How have we distributed the resources available across all tiers of support?
  • Is our distribution in line with the needs of our site?
  • If core is not as effective as what we would like, do we need to put more resources into our core instruction?

Scheduling Non-Negotiables
  • Is the master schedule an asset or a barrier to implementing an MTSS?
  • Are the scheduling non-negotiables adhered to at our site?
  • Do we have adequate time for core instruction, based on our data?
  • What percent of students are on target when entering the grade level?
  • Is there a way to schedule for more core instruction first, if a high number of students are not on target?

Core Instruction Plan: ICE
  • What practices are we expecting all educators to use?
  • How are we collecting implementation data around these practices?
  • What materials and programs are we expecting all educators to use?
  • How do we want our environment structured across classrooms?
  • How have we trained and coached on these practices, materials, programs, and environmental expectations?
  • Do we have a strategic plan to support new staff?

VIDEO: Ted Talks: Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Developing and Communicating the Vision
  • What do great leaders and visionaries have in common? Watch the video in the link to the left.
  • Individually, consider why you do what you do. Share the genesis of your compelling why as it relates to MTSS.
  • As a team, discuss and document your "why" for MTSS.
  • Plan how you will collaboratively reach the MTSS goal.
  • Identify the stakeholders in this work.
  • Determine how you will communicate this goal to stakeholders.

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