The 2016 MTSS Readiness Instrument is now available for submission by all districts or charters not currently assigned to a cohort. This Readiness Instrument is not meant to be an assessment of full implementation of MTSS. The tool will allow team members to identify what structures are in place to support the implementation of an MTSS.

We encourage the MTSS Leadership Team to take advantage of the following supports prior to, during and after final instrument submission on Survey Monkey.:

1) Confirm MTSS Leadership Team members who need to take an active part in completing the tool. This team will need to have deep knowledge of the school system as a whole.
2) Each team member should download and/or print off the PDF version of the Instrument for review.

Charter Team members download this PDF.

Traditional District Team members download this PDF.

3) Watch the Screencast which will provide a deeper understanding and directions. The Screencast provides valuable information on the Six Critical Components
of an MTSS.
4) Plan for 1-2 hours to meet as a District or Charter Team to review questions and come to the consensus on rubric items.
5) One team member needs to submit the final Survey Monkey version of the document by March 4, 2016.
6) All results will be used by DPI to develop customized technical assistance as well as determination of the upcoming professional development cohort selection and groupings.
7) Once results are returned, this team will need to meet to review analysis and determine next steps.

This memo was sent to Directors of Curriculum and Instruction, Directors of Exceptional Children, Directors of Charter Schools and State Operated Programs. We thank you in advance for your commitment to this work. If you have questions please contact Amy Jablonski at or your Regional MTSS Contact.
Decisions will be made about next cohort selection and groupings based on all results submitted.